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The main thing needed to create designs was content, as traditionally a … I think that's a pretty useful thing to be. In hardware, where it’s sometimes called device-agnostic, the software needs to be able to run on any type of devices such as desktops, tablets and smartphones. Fig.1 Preview Content: Mobile Output. It's platform-agnostic: Content is platform-agnostic or adaptive when it doesn't have any presentation information attached to it. In creating platform-agnostic content, you’ll always be able to deliver said content to your audience—no matter what device they may be using in the future. An enabler of productivity. I watch YouTube videos in my living room, on my smartphone and on my laptop. They’re also platform-agnostic and device-agnostic. Digital content marketing is critical for engagement, but publishers and marketers also need to ensure that they optimise written articles and videos for a range of platforms. Protocol Agnostic Customizable. Content must be tailored towards mobile devices and platform-agnostic to meet the needs of consumers in 2017, according to a new study by Valnet. In the free Serverless Framework, monitoring is limited primarily to the administrative dashboard. [Content marketing trend #6] Personalized content gets a shot of steroids. ArchVision streamlines your workflow with platform-agnostic content, world-renowned RPC technology and Family and Detail Warehouse, with a whole new way to … I discuss what that means, and why many passionate proponents and opponents of various platforms make me sad. A true cloud agnostic tool, service, or application assures organizations of consistent and standard performance regardless of what platform it’s deployed on. Platform agnostic. Sometimes called format-free, this type of content is delivered seamlessly across all of your devices and channels because it … Today’s marketers are fully aware that content is the backbone of modern marketing, but how content is developed and deployed is now fundamental. There are multiple IoT platforms on the market today, such as Amazon, PTC, Microsoft, and while they all have their unique advantages, and some with more significant disadvantages, to be platform agnostic means to be capable of using any platform a customer chooses. Your audience is already product agnostic when it comes to where they get their content. Platform-agnostic means your tech solution can run on any platform such as Windows, iOS and Linux. Platform Agnostic. You can develop a platform-agnostic API from this information. A secondary benefit is that the tool, service, or application can be deployed on whatever platform is most … The new report aimed […] Integral, seamless approach Instancy Platform offers not only device-agnostic access to learning content, but also the possibility of tracking mobile content usage, learning activities offline and learner´s progress regardless of the content … Scalable. Savvy marketers know that modern content, like modern consumers, should be platform agnostic - just as “at home” on desktop as on any size of mobile device, and running on any operating system. One of the things that emerged from this workshop was that we needed a name, some way of referring to the design system. Your Product-Agnostic Strategy Should be Platform-Agnostic. Simply put: Using an open-source solution may introduce risks, due to long-term maintenance and support challenges with any open-source software. I describe myself as being "platform agnostic".

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