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"lain", "Bulgaria", "crucible", "removal", "pant", "segregationist", "veinous", "equestrianism", "supermarket", "incitement", "practically", "introverted", "suppression", "cellar", "lack", "coup", "cooperate", "sarcastic", "narcissist", "clump", "corrode", "vague", "afoul", "excuse", "oxen", "person", "supremely", "fertilisation", "obscure", "Tuvalu", "a kick in the teeth", "distinguish", "bait", "mumble", "expedition", "Lagos", "encore", "turn your nose up", "tolerate", "rail", "aesthetic", "dusty", "excursion", "sometimes", "amphibian", "carcinogen", "accidentally", "facsimile", "hyena", "various", "qualification", "corporeal", "dispense", "cook", "mason", "PTO", "headache", "favorite", "canoeist", "recharge", "nourish", "absurdity", "motion", "Turkmen", "hanger", "history", "rotten", "as far as", "claret", "passé", "apnoea", "extra marital", "handsome", "haemorrhoids", "trauma", "forbade", "intransigence", "bonus", "theologian", "anaesthetic", "shrine", "befallen", "munition", "readable", "airborne", "deficient", "supply and demand", "unsolved", "ATM", "epilation", "unexpected", "partial", "disorder", "edible", "libation", "harmonious", "dirt", "building", "Christianity", "descriptively", "explicable", "vasodilation", "infallible", "important", "racial", "algorithm", "cod", "defecation", "a shoulder to cry on", "grisly", var oSuggest = $("#CityLocal")[0].autocompleter; "OCD", "taunt", "early marriage", "reply", "admissible", "black market", "mole", "unmanageable", "insist", "intercostal", "Darwinism", "reorganise", "Finn", "regime", "thematic", "optic", "criminological", "offering", "T", "nephropathy", "mimic", "fossil", "inferiority", "ethane", "dredger", "familiarly", "washable", "carpel", "depredation", "plateau", "miscarriage", "propanone", "oily", "Swedish", "viscous", "Pleistocene", "brisket", "Turkish", "U", "understand", "upsurge", "etiquette", "quack", "rumple", "living", "king", "intentionally", If you know some more, pls keep updating and sharing back for our collective benefit. 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"indigenous", "organ", "accelerant", "delicacy", "delight", "calumny", "pious", "unanswerable", "schwa", "override", "preposition", "clarity", "dismount", "vigilant", "definitely", "coax", "addiction", "anchorite", "trophy", "fling yourself into sth", "amendment", "replacement", "Batswana", "differentiating", "niggle", "pick somebody's brains", "worthwhile", "menses", "desertification", "hoarse", "bridegroom", "dealer", "frustration", "pensioner", "hadn't", "fritter", "temperate", "sauntering", "mule", "dreck", "midfield", "embalm", "ascorbic acid", "sickle", "grandeur", "billion", "ubiquitous", "falcon", "crevasse", "daydream", "whisker", "first", "stash", "troupe", "ulcer", "daguerreotype", "from", "rout", "consolation", "defenceless", "muggy", "Q", "clinically depressed", "epigraphy", "weigh", "unobtainable", "Yankee", "vitality", "deviate", "spacial", "somber", "bladder", "ecological", "musical instrument", "utter", "personalise", "civic", "experienced", "prude", "ileum", "badly", "pull strings", "concretion", "anytime", "conflict", "adept", "tip-toe", "sorghum", "underwent", "savanna", "veranda", "Ghana", "cassette", "prohibition", "mistress", "imperishable", "preparatory", "Lebanon", "glare", "morbid", "captain", "sureness", "hyperglycaemia", "vena cava", "pornographer", "versatile", "grab", "hero", "madrasah", "cognoscenti", "factual", "theme", "shopper", "final", "cobbler", "partition", "nonsense", "handset", "superman", "thoroughly", "marble", "laid", "bath", "practitioner", "Thursday", "lunatic", "unpopularity", "debar", "ours", "adrenalectomy", "holiness", "pace", "testicle", "translation", "flagellate", "flung", "serve", "laborer", "humerus", "forthcoming", "legalistic", "frown", "funeral", "pathos", "weird", "hold something against someone or something", "needs", "consequently", "fed", "enteritis", "anchorage", "virile", "herself", "marry up sth", "revolutionary", "slain", "serial number", "stethoscope", "silently", "alternating", "flying", "depressant", "counter attack", "boyo", "realistic", "socio-political", "enshrine", "omnipotent", "soothe", "jackal", "capital punishment", "hardcore", "spiritual", "registry", "flavour", "conference call", "language", "thank", "echelon", "flux", "precipitate", "atop", "scruffy", "algebra", "sensual", "wither", "spotlight", "multicellular", "commercialize", "oralism", "wall", "molestation", "scoop", "accompany", "monarch", "format", "acls", "begin", "Angeleno", "categorical", "motorcar", "dovish", "misery", "companies", "scandalous", "significantly", "swig", "diatribe", "Uganda", "Hungarian", "biogas", "reconciliations", "concoction", "parent", "castle", "Tailor", "uncountable", "inerrancy", "Zoroastrianism", "threw", "extract", "roasting", "profanity", "dormitory", "intolerance", "dichotomy", "carpenter", "miscalculate", "scrunch", "camiknickers", "accuracy", "repatriation", "dilettante", "converged", "mendelevium", "right hand", "price", "API", Clove, tropical evergreen tree (family Myrtaceae) and its small reddish brown flower buds used as a spice. "repossess", "prance", "hammer", "dramedy", "cuddly", "pornography", "loss", Cloves are also rich in manganese, providing an impressive 30% of the DV in just 1 teaspoon (2 grams) of ground cloves . "uneconomic", "nitrogen dioxide", "sort", "furnace", "noncompliance", "clime", "squiggle", "amoral", "munch", "everywhere", "loquacious", "pull sth out of the bag", "drought", "thicken", "coat", "renunciation", "pedagogic", "circumscribe", "devour", "opprobrium", "dig", "calcaneocuboid", "mate", "investigative", "entertainer", "simulate", "elusive", "soar", "sombre", "aunt", "them", "crate", "future", "imposter", "trade secret", "XXX", "Ecuadorian", "screen", "omega", "unhealthy", "assignation", "wearable", "confusing", "decimator", "fancy", "patron", "normative", "cereal", "remorse", "treat", "altho", "canoe", "medicine", "monk", "chew", "deportation", "pretense", "advise", "quagmire", "laterally", "saying", "idealism", "confirming", "firmware", "pluripotent", "nipple", "countryside", "revue", "flannel", "climatologist", "indignation", "abolitionist", "co-worker", "accident and emergency", "titivate", "novelette", "bow", "orthodontics", "accipitrine", "twelve", "doors", "froze", "meeting", "respiration", "ninja", "fearsome", "ox", "dodger", "isolationism", "geriatric", "aground", "californium", "relegate", "torrid", "ptomaine", "Guatemala", "grotesque", "depend on", "certain", "immigrant", "novel", "former", "good looking", "endear", "affix", "circumflex", "crutch", "Switzerland", "creed", "colossal", "Portugal", "misconduct", "dog", "mandatory", "creek", "can't stand the sight of sb or sth", "pale into insignificance", "classless", "mental illness", "fell", "product", "estimable", "augment", "fearful", "titanic", "earlobe", "dart", "cursive", "reservoir", "mock", "veto", "sultanate", "trades man", "dose", "virus", "fleeting", "egotistic", "covenant", "countenance", "brain", "mine", "dowel", "sequential", "Yobe", "empathize", "representation", "superfluity", "apocryphal", "in-", "repayment", "winsome", "terrible", "useful", "coquette", "denigrate", "S", "espionage", "prophase", "scrip", "AC/DC", "differentially", "rejuvenate", "Turk", "edge", "seen", "purely", "Sgt. "stimulant", "aversion", "tonsil", "earphones", "lawsuit", "breath", "nurture", "acquiescence", "conception", "transient", "perjury", "corporal", "gambling", "striped", "depilatory", "Ukraine", "invert", "kleptomania", "constipated", "mortar", "osteopath", "perspective", "dynamite", "mystify", "vomitting", "legible", "virtually", "seborrhea", "natural science", "pathology", "dwell", "ratio", "rival", "mattress", "comet", "discovery", "slumber", "flange", "hesitate", "including", "agriculturalist", "bitter", "ice cream", "sodomite", "Oshogbo", "first edition", "vegetation", "socalled", "installment", "liberal", "floating", "peddler", "havoc", "turn your back on somebody", "ease", "eyelash", "cession", "dyke", "metre", "dolphinarium", "detection", "manic depression", "detour", onFindValue:findValue, "avoiding", "deprived", "earn", "lust", "mundane", "illustrator", "oxford", "coexist", "innervation", "longitude", "tail", "nitroglycerine", "precedence", "clot", "retribution", "identity", "employer", "fragile", "committee", "concern", "interactive", "litotes", "jurist", "locum", "few", "esconce", "alias", "shaped", "WAP", "boredom", "imaginary", "houseman", "grill", "cornea", "rumble", "calculus", "fertilize", "rental", "glaciation", "polyphagia", "tropic", "fame", "scuttle", "Navaratri", "I mean", "pharmaceutical", "convert", "barrier", "straining", "mould", "articulately", "demur", "involuntary", "fastener", "refrain", "abate", "bloop", "Tamil", "mobile", "annoying", "muezzin", "pepper mint", "finisher", "onetime", "large", "unscrupulous", "alm", "constitution", "mourn", "atheroma", "sociologist", "delineate", "contemptible", "output", "brickwork", "creditor", "outrageous", "hunger strike", "blood", "supermacist", "vigorous", "absenteeism", "gonna", Also, cloves should be used with caution by people with increased acidity of the stomach. "Ondo", "chargrill", "dwelt", "UTF-8", "hepatic", "pulmonologist", "soil", "moult", "dregs", "procreate", "birthing", "sledge", "ornament", "purpose", "nationwide", "reset", "infection", "crocus", "I've", "infrastructure", "gigantism", "sang", "craps", "wreck", "assessment", "indirect", "acoustics", "long term", "barnyard", "identity card", "movable", "progeny", "sexless", "double check", "arbiter", "registrar", "unwell", "relationship", "brazen", "alcoholic", "thereunder", "selves", "in charge", "scout", "keep something back", "quarrel", "symbiosis", "hasn't", "Parents in law", "asylum", "mane", "knot", "remainder", "Pliocene", "decline", "hydrophobia", "pants", "dialogue", "herein", "centimetre", "forum", "skilled", "Post UTME", "covering", "biography", "kneel", "repetition", "clan", "amateur", "custodial", "clearly", } "suture", "feeble", "praise", "deceivable", "jam", "vortex", "finishing", "accelerate", "dried", "polydactylism", "flatten", "horizon", "ruckus", "assagai", "specious", "alternative medicine", "itch", "provider", "drinkable", "stolid", "causative", "sleeper", "amygdala", "ungovernable", "significant", "enophile", "telemetry", "sleep", "junk", "occupation", "malayalam", "Abuja", "sycophant", "sponsoring", "astatine", "respectability", "near", "jejunum", "insurgency", "chromatography", "cavernous", "R", "homicide", "liver", "toxic shock syndrome", "monotreme", "anonymous ftp", "phosgene", "oblivion", "itinerary", "appertain", "songster", "behold", "fortnight", "two", "caesura", "eardrum", "differentials", "enactment", "plead", "guilt", "tiring", "boutique", "consignment", "condense", "bowl", "oneway", Clove is a common flavoring agent in foods and beverages, and is used as a flavoring or fragrance in other products such as toothpaste, soaps, and cosmetics. "tilt", "sad", "shock", "painful", "descriptive", "meritorious", "pending", "innuendo", "suspended", "ideate", "crumbly", "organize", "awardee", "petty", "precinct", "topography", "massage", "eminently", "sprung", "museum", "inscription", "monomaniac", "ration", "catalog", "indignant", "prospect", "soon", "thermodynamics", "crime", "conviction", "infinitive", "brutal", "disease", "collision", "expertise", "extracurricular", "orphan", "derivative", "ischial", "contribute", "animated", "pond", "disc", "brother in law", "rhesus factor", "financial", "expand", "win", "sermon", "vow", "demineralize", "dub", "estimating", "clatter", "singer", When eating cloves with food, it stimulates the production of digestive juices. "electron", "observance", "cluck", "peremptory", "sunken", "cavort", "surviving", "Palaeozoic", "chartered", "IQ", "fantasy", "white", "sentimentalist", "under control", "chide", "allegation", "amalgam", "oxygenator", "leisurely", "insulation", "these", "burglary", "folk", "lectern", "pheromone", "nymphomania", "scum", "jumble", "matching", "coquetry", "from scratch", "unshakable", "introduce", "formulate", "meanwhile", "disposition", "alive", "farming", "dolt", "Mesozoic", "manubrium", "clear up", "endure", "delighted", "fermium", "ferocity", "prominent", "exalt", "impractical", "Valentine's Day", "labial", "always", "westerly", "in advance", "yellowish", "police station", "ambiguity", "sphere", "copying", "supplicant", "tenant", "convene", "solemnize", "bioscience", "margin", "neutralize", "affable", "inverted commas", "truck", "senescence", "spoilage", "southerly", "homonym", "sebum", "sarsaparilla", "supernumerary", "strangle", "charge", "neutral", "armada", "laparoscopic", "splice", "inveterate", "anoint", "allotrope", "noodle", "afforestation", "tussle", "chameleon", "nearby", "plastic surgery", "won", "germicidal", "ok", "unshaven", "cadge", "opium", "caesium", "suffuse", "snub", "airstrike", "attainable", "numb", "bounds", "distill", "kick the bucket", "skip", "ornithology", "economize", "we're", "frail", "corpse", "collateral", "memorize", "octogenarian", "ultraviolet", "scapula", "silicosis", "Mathematician", "ablative", "put ideas into somebody's head", "J", "risen", "audio", "falsity", "horn", "hovel", "serendipity", "unlimited", "innumerate", "concord", "Slovakia", "brilliantine", "clunky", "vitally", "menagerie", "equip", "unchanged", "hallmark", "elephantine", "conciliator", "damp", "flood", "propagandist", "percutaneous", "reap", "see through", "ABH", "regrettably", "ectomy", "farmland", "epigastric", "abysmal", "gun", "deify", "dilapidate", "rescind", "synthesize", "broadcasting", "loathing", "mercantile", "farce", "concurrent", "recreation", "advantage", "neoplasia", "hump", "tolerably", "pathogenesis", "annotate", "indeed", "entitle", "garment", "tummy", "avenue", "vacuum", "printing", "cycle", "disarmer", "secessionist", "centenary", "reside", "lumpectomy", "chocoholic", "aristocratic", "steeply", "captive", "politician", "intertarsal", "swarm", "glacier", "negative", "patient", "proponent", "flinch", "posterity", "adenine", "womanly", "purposely", "beware", "allegiance", "orthoptics", "exasperated", "civilize", "solidarity", "popularity", "unicameral", "advisable", "unattractive", "Burundian", "nervously", "chord", "afterwards", "route", "level", "nature", "possessive", "northerner", "amend", "prosperity", "extremism", "dyslexia", "laparotomy", "unintelligent", "disadvantageous", "ugliness", "arduous", "casting", "thrice", "Intelsat", "entire", "director", "free of charge", "necktie", "likelihood", "bash", "insolent", "Moldovan", "obsequies", "sashay", ); "Greece", "offending", "mobster", "Malaysia", "tobacco", "career", "sincerity", "resize", "gay", "delusion", "pen", "matriarch", "behead", "resultant", "kowtow", "machine", "identical twin", "sexually", "disappointed", "organisation", "next of kin", "turn or use sth to good account", "ASUU", "periodontal", "potential", "grit", ", "natty", "your", "surreptitious", "brewery", "bar", "inexpensive", "crystallography", "rtd", "might", "psalterium", "paucity", "citric acid", "enslave", "whew", "adopter", "interjection", "hatching", "attaché", "struck", "Hinduism", "feminist", "job seeker", "running", "central", "unforgettable", "traveller", "convenient", "inhumanity", "perdition", "FTP", "inferior", "deliverer", "keep something up", "duck", "admittance", "non-renewable", "nightmarish", "autism", "audiometry", "dry cell", "carpet", "separatism", "meek", "tried", "tragically", "keratoconus", "rejoin", "bulletproof", "underage", "shia", "outlook", "quality", "immodest", "Antiguan", "Cyprus", "tribute", "caries", "omitted", "overrun", "cute", "sclera", "profuse", "built", "ataxia", "abscess", "herbalism", "injection", "lodging", "Bruneian", "buggered", "abstention", "hypotension", "broadminded", "stumble", "download", Contextual translation of "clove" into Hausa. "obtrusive", "gentle", "stray", "plight", "easy", "Irritable", "active", "erogenous zone", "righteous", "pool", "doyenne", "spoor", "viper", "grasscutter", "effluent", "excrete", "NIRA", "error", "wife", "taught", "perfidy", "gallium", "drumming", "nosy", "hallucination", "rose", "laughter", "ensure", "ghoul", "memorandum", "leech", "blame worthy", "physically", "X chromosome", "biographer", "unisex", "enhanced", "gull", "crypt", "alienate", "accessible", "reputation", "magazine", "too", "superintend", "testes", "sexism", "deer", "chemist", "houses", "processor", "senior citizen", "protracted", "aglow", "jurisprudence", "electrical", "demonstrable", "motto", "industrial", "pelt", "cryptography", "spreadsheet", "geography", "druggy", "distinctive", "anesthetist", "prone", "cartography", "traffic", "receptor", "adopted", "vary", "delectation", "romance", "sanctuary", "devise", "blindness", "endoscope", "slash", "ammeter", "political", "instalment", "day", "degrease", "rejoice", "acrylic", "viewing", "figurative", "genital", "correctly", "polyunsaturate", "gyrate", "oligarch", "exhibitionist", "grope", "aloof", "based on", "graze", "intracellular", "exactly", "handwritting", "affectionate", "daze", "surmount", "repairing", "syringe", "neighbour", "South Africa", "hyoid", "syntax", "insulate", "foreskin", "lawyer", "nigh", "", "acting", "teacher", "narrowly", "fictionalize", "pitch", "completed", "psychoanalyst", "conductivity", "stale", "envelope", "affirmative", "bludge", "titrate", "blotchy", "bottomless", "maximise", "syllabus", "frosty", "bog", "behavior", "borrowing", "deployment", "accountable", "kindergarten", "scansion", "ahead of", "grammatical", "isn't", "lay something down", "antique", "leer", "donation", "subsidence", "bitch", "bear", "odorous", "fervid", "misandry", "constitute", "second world war", "block", "Abo", "cunning", "concessionaire", "scatter", "panky", "diary", "acellular", "triangular", "technique", "precede", "mutation", "operative", "pertinent", "racism", "intermarriage", "grenade", "grey", "cheetah", "paramour", "prevalent", "filch", "byte", "aeroplane", "unbelief", "indistinct", "self-rule", "meningitis", "dweller", "unworkable", "rock-a-by", "folder", "cline", "successor", "apprehension", "globe", "apprentice", "imitate", "account for", "sacral", "alteration", "a weight off your mind", "grumble", "propagate", "piece", "braggart", "aspirin", "sugar daddy", "sprawl", "origin", "rub", "matricide", "monkish", "affliction", "sinful", "syllabication", "reclude", "vanity", "snake bite", "unit", "mediate", "Mali", "document", "soaked", "semblance", "stressed", "copulation", "semi-tropical", "about turn", "URL", "River Benue", "Belgium", "feel your age", "Sudan", "rewarding", "echo", "guttural", "consign", "ceramics", "excavate", "blameless", "acquainted", "selfy", "footnote", "drip", "maneuver", "dedication", "seethe", "Mongolia", "tantalize", "flaunt", "unprofitable", "anus", "cast", "incredible", "segregate", "watch", "rebels", "waken", "badge", "local", "rhinoceros", "wodge", "human right", "enjoy", "hindrance", "cane", "instil", "indigestible", "torch", "magnitude", "course", "duress", "seaborgium", "lexical meaning", "dodecagon", "congratulation", "poetess", "super natural", "ophthalmic", "ambulance", "vegetable", "quidam", "in case of", "murk", "twitch", "literature", "gorilla", "sending off", "caucasian", "precarious", "paedophilia", "saboteur", "nit", "hazardous", Oznacza to, że możesz szukać słów w obu językach jednocześnie. "buffet", "mustard gas", "Malian", "amanuensis", "seemingly", "arrears", "endoskeleton", "boom", "antagonize", "masochism", "noise", "choice", "pare something down to the bone", "interviewee", "estimate", "flyover", "resume", "biopsy", "spinal cord", "increasing", "germicide", "phagocytic", "rapper", "bloated", "chalk", "voter", "dysmorphia", "mischievous", "take away", "tusk", "Vietnam", "invasive", "bunch", "dreich", "Xiang", "resinous", "Tanzanian", "sanitizer", "entrenchment", "conciliatory", "flamboyantly", "unhappy", "knock", "blameworthy", "seldom", "abandoned", "refund", "reflex", "gravitational", "pleasantness", "silver", "NASA", "irreligious", "benefaction", "abundance", "he'd", "make your way", "fungicide", "academia", "extremely", "currency", "Etisalat", "motorist", "abscissa", "buffoon", "bank", "sweetness", "annoyance", "crock", "linger", "verbiage", "smash", "singing", "unprintable", "apt", "recently", "rehear", "southwards", "tolerant", "equine", "confidential", "fantasise", "surreptitiously", "convince", "disarmament", "afar", "plait", "hydrocortisone",

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