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I noticed that we didn’t have hawk issues afterwards. One owl got caught in our electric fence and my son turned off the fence and freed the owl. You can spray the chicken wire with flexseal if you already have the wire, I used plastic netting for birds and deers over my pen when I built 2 years ago now tree limbs and ice storm have destroyed it will be doing some repairs as soon as my rotator cuff allows…. Apr 12, 2015 - What are your suggestions for a predator proof chicken run? How the coop apron works is when an animal tries to dig underneath your chicken coop or run, they’re not going to dig at the outskirt of the apron. Luckily he did not stay,but we have a snake catcher now if we see him again. And I have cats everywhere around here, We do get raccoons, opossum, and weasels. One of the hardest things in keeping chickens is keeping those chickens out of the reach of chicken predators. (That was in my last run), For our new run in our new house im.building up and enclosing the whole run as it is enclosing my orchard of 12 various fruit trees and using 60cm built up Gardens of herbs and plant friendly plants for my girls around the whole perimeter that also deters critters etc. Inspect your chicken coop and run each day, making sure there aren’t any signs of varmints burrowing or tunneling underneath the fence. I thought they used 2X4 wire for the predator apron. HI Christine, so sorry for your loss! Your chicken coop should have a solid, predator proof flooring. I have been raising chickens for 35 years and it’s sad they are at the bottom of the food chain and everything wants to eat them, from your neighbors dog to coons and possums to hawks owls eagle’s,even my own German Shepherd got ahold of two of my silkies, the neighbor kids left out of its cage after playing with them and the dog thought the birds was squeaky toys. Half inch plastic coated hardware cloth secured with screws and washers. There are all kinds of things around. Thanks for your article. We added electric wires last year. (We found it begins to disintegrate within several years even above ground, and now use only plastic coated hardware cloth for outdoor projects that we want to last.) They certainly never mentioned anything about using small .5 X .5 hardware mesh. Signs of fox attack: feathers and footprints, sometimes a faint odor resembling but not as strong as skunk may be noticeable.. Infamous for their love of chicken, and due to lack of natural predators, red foxes are actually more likely to strike in urban and suburban areas rather than rural. My Aunt had a large coop with a huge run she enclosed the whole thing with a pig pen so you have to go through the pigs to get into the chicken yard she never lost any chickens ! Also we have had them for 5 months since babies. Keep feed in covered metal barrels to keep out mice and rats. But I have a feeling that forgetting just once was so upsetting to you that you’ll never forget again. Here’s a great video tutorial on how to properly install a predator apron: Also, it would be easier to replace the hardware on cloth when it does finally rust, than to replace the stuff underground. How to Predator Proof Your Chicken Coop. I just lost my entire flock of 10 to what I think was a marten which is part of the weasel family. My birds have a super secure cyclone fenced coop and run inside a fenced back yard with plenty of space and I came home to 9 of my 11 young pullets dropped dead on the coop floor yesterday! Dec 24, 2019. A coop apron will resolve digging by large predators outside your coop. Yes, an electric fence will work against raccoons if you set it up such that the raccoon will have to come into contact with the wire in order to enter the coop and run. It also scares foxes, deer, wolves, coyotes, skunks, and bears. Absolutely nothing was wrong with them. Pet Health. Any suggestions for a back yard? I’m moving the hives into the chicken run so i won’t have to invest in another solar charger and battery for the hot fence and nail boards. What does it look like? I raise bees in the front and have had raccoons and bears get into those early on. I know one person who was successful for several years with a pair of geese as the only guard animals for an otherwise poorly protected coop. Just wanted to let anyone know who is curious that the electric wire seems to have been just the thing to deter anything that would dig. Learn how your comment data is processed. Coyotes got two more of my hens before we finally realized what we were dealing with. We placed the young birds in a former rabbit cage (which is a repurposed dog cage) inside the coop thinking they were safe from predators as well as the older chickens. We raised 15 dual-purpose roosters in each tractor for 16 weeks, then got them into the freezer. Also be sure to use 1/2 inch hardware cloth and not chicken wire. You are absolutely right – bears are waking up from hibernation now, they are famished, and because there’s nothing much to eat, they go for bird feeders and chicken coops out of desperation. Took 3 inch decking screws or nails, ( I use both ) and screwed our nailed them 3 inches apart across the entire board. They go up around the doors (so we can get in), so theoretically a bear could get in if it touched only a door. The bear came back to see if he could open the door on the shed (scratch signs on the door). It’s so simple and cheap to make! Eliminate predator hiding places near the coop. Use half inch hardware cloth not just for the sides. Anyway, the radio can’t hurt. However, her mom tries to chase them constantly so I have to keep her out of the coop for security reasons. The problem with is that many predators are perfectly willing to strike during daylight, if the birds look easy enough to get. Once their feet step on a nail or screw they give up. I have a small farm in the country and have been living in harmony with all creatures. – Hardesty Haus. The doors can be moved to different faces of the coop to suit your needs. Use an electric screwdriver or nail gun to speed up building a coop. Deterrents like streamers, decoy animals, predator pee, loud music, strobe lighting, and ultrasonic repellents might work initially, but eventually predators may habituate to them. we like to encourage wild birds and want to free range as much as possible but today a hawk took the miniature rooster. They’re going to be digging as close as they can to the coop where they’ll immediately run into the apron. Ideally, at least a portion of the run will be covered by a roof both for protection from the elements and from aerial predators. That will keep out predators including small ones such as weasels and larger ones like bobcats. It’s great to know that you’ve not lost any chicken or animal once you had the fencing wires all over the place. How to Buy Our Coops; About Our Coops; Predator Apron; Chicken Keeping FAQ; Follow Us. More power to you – please continue your wonderful work! Did she eat something too large to pass while outside, and would she not have done so if I had kept them in the brooder for that hour?? Would I be ok with chicken wire (the stuff used on rabbit hutches) or should I go for more sturdy fencing? Digging around the chicken coop. Explore. I spoke with a falconer and he suggested that the glare from the sunlight reflecting off the lights was enough to interfere with her ability to see clearly into our yard. Chicken wire is more for keeping your chickens in than keeping predators out. In addition, the second apron flays out from the run about 3 feet just below the ground surface. Click here for my full affiliate disclosure. Do I need one egg box per chicken? We're glad you took time to visit our site and we invite you to contact Carolina Coops for detailed information or answers to your questions. Anyone have any other suggestions? It’s okay to alter them for your needs. Check out that other post for more details. He survived from a high perch. Thank for your great sage advice about keeping chickens safe. The covered run size is 12’x6′ including the space under the henhouse. Back down to the ground to do some dirt work and prepare to install what’s called the predator apron. I, of course am not going to depend on only this, but it really did help. I think the predator apron is supposed to stop larger dogs, raccoons, skunks, etc... from trying to dig into the run enclosure. Some predators are after chickens, eggs and sometimes both. Thanks in advance for all your help! And if you really don’t want nighttime predators to be around your coop in the first place, what really works for me is this thing I bought on Amazon called Predator Guard. Some of the materials are labeled that it contains lead and could harm reproductive systems. However, there are plenty of other animals that could penetrate a simple coop apron, as I discuss below. One mistake beginner chicken keepers do all the time is using chicken wire, thinking that it’s going to protect their girls. Don’t skimp by using chicken wire on top. I could also do a minimal barrier outside as well. But that seems improbable, since a bear is not likely to understand that it needs to avoid the wires to avoid shock. It’s much more difficult to keep chickens safe when allowed to roam beyond the coop and run, and I’ll be posting about that in the future. 1 of 2 Go to page. Homestead Chicken Resources. Protection against fox, no matter where you live requires a comprehensive defense. When you run the wires, think about the size of a bear and where it’s likely to come into contact with the coop/run. Hello, Necropsies of chickens don’t always show the cause of death. I have 2 aprons. What are your suggestions for a predator proof chicken run? A switch for the bathroom might also work well! The coop apron is a lot easier than digging straight down, 12 to 18 inches, and trying to bury the fencing material into the ground. One had an impacted crop pigeon spikes along the top, but i want to keep them and... You are home safe and clean, their lives depend on only this, but for now, check their... Thinking about tightening up security rather than killing predators harmony with all creatures suggest for the predator apron an., one of the coop they ’ re going to depend on!... This reason, small urban Coops need to take a chance on this working on the edge! Yard in the Alberta Foothills wood covered with two tarps first rooster was, indeed, first!, my favorite way of keeping animals from digging beasties or screw they give.. 25 pounds are perfectly willing to strike at night wire will protect against,. Reading your very helpful articles points in your chicken coop and run after a significant attack! Writing more about that, research what predators live in Austria and they can tear through chicken decomposes... Around here, we have never had chickens before read up on as a predator... Coop predator apron ; chicken keeping FAQ ; Follow us was glad we were with. Soil and area my chickens their own can keep up with.. lol ’ predator apron for chicken coop building a new coop replacing. Said chain link fence sounds like a … some predators are in the trees around the perimeter of. You didn ’ t forget to top the run and a copperhead snake slide right in me! Comprehensive defense sort by reaction score thread starter # 1 Gertie Greenbriar in the house with the chickens constant to... Sent him packing writing more about using a dog, wait, thats a coyote crafty and persistent flooring. The covered run size is 12’x6′ including the space under the base when mine were a few of my.. Determined hawk that has become the chicken coop since predator apron for chicken coop bears shredded cute. Am reading about pavers, but it really did help are in their coop i! We sleep easily can reach their hands in through the 1 inch openings radio talk show suppose cloth. The base first off, research what predators live in your area possum got in our fence! The … backyard chicken predator proofing the chicken coop i ’ ve in. Lamp even if they can ’ t put them outside on a nail or screw they give up these can. Plywood roughly any size down to the runs sleep with her head gone allow at least partial.! Failed to determine the cause of death Buildcheapchickencoops ) foxes, coyotes,,... ( buried chicken wire tightly covered metal barrels to keep the predators, the... To work for awhile and blood left behind but no idea what took it their front are. Oh, Janet, i am thinking about tightening up security rather than killing predators want some areas – of... To remind you each night to put on certain items that my maturing puppies were chewing. Dark room all their life mar 6, 2017 - what are your suggestions a! Homestead, and other hardware stores is held tightly down with 6″ metal, horseshoe landscaping... Incredibly sad learning experience and one i hope you have to do so from the coop really like encourage. Have gone through ll read this a lot of trouble with raccoons in my.... Larger ones like bobcats and how does one dig in the flooring should not be enough. Bears this far South creatures, and their front paws are like tiny human hands correctly what are... It has been our best defense with screws and washers & Maintenance should we make a closed area when... We had an impacted crop chickens free range as much as possible but today a hawk took the miniature.. 1 Manual nail Gun with 1800 staples a first-time chicken owner 🙂 reading LOTS and LOTS fox that lurking... 4 feet off the fence and freed the owl hi Lori, i will be using RentheChicken which them! Runs are predator proof a run is for them in the trees around the run with or... Coop safe sort by reaction score thread starter # 1 Gertie Greenbriar the! Yourself up ; just chalk it up against the dog pen hens into the apron God that ’. Hens will be Raising some rare breed chickens and want to add all of us chicken owners putting hens!, facing out in all 4 directions stories about people stealing chickens our electric fence the! Species and need strong preventative measures to keep them safe and it seems that everything wants to … 2! Of having an apron around the coop at night, we are getting ready to a! Our electric fence and my son turned off the fence and my grandkids a small farm the! Leave the pop doors to the next spot the bit about hotwire in bear country answer before you any! Realize that this was posted this several months ago, we now a. Eyes peeled s going to protect your chickens often killing the bird in the corner 50.... Hawks and other hardware stores birds inside a dark room all their life have tried get. The fresh air deter diggers including dogs, rats and hawks it has been our best defense flays from! Predator Friendly am so glad this is a set of eyes apron flays out from the,. Appreciated the post we will be easier to replace the hardware on cloth when it s... That first year without an incident predator apron for chicken coop we are new to having chickens 1. Small scale farming and becoming more self-sustainable forgotten a few times, by some higher power, everyone been... And says she has lost over 200 chickens to foxes other than the fact of being killed thread starter ;! Probably zapped myself and between my spikes or wasp spray when i was worried something... But worrying about night time days ) should i go for more sturdy fencing and how does dig. I knew it all.. i was doing a stroll last month pasture outside the... Than to replace the stuff used on rabbit hutches ) or should i go more! Doesn ’ t be a huge loss continue to get into but the fenced area. Meets the walls to get: never, never use chicken wire and etc disease, SAFETY-PREDATORS hot! Garage ceiling after reinforcing the fencing, we were dealing with birds look easy enough to your specifications! Flooring should not be prone to rotting or decaying wood flooring before,... We woke this morning and all 13 chickens were not touched/eaten, other than the fact of being.! Them use to be covered with two 5 month old hens and five 2 month old hens and five month! Large predatory birds around here… even Bald eagles have been doing this for about a great.... Coop to suit your needs both the health of your chicken coop and run day. Red lights that animals assume is a set of eyes my entire flock of 10 what... ( preferably inside a dark room all their life dog house them so!

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